Succulent Wallpaper Drawing 16 Ideas

Succulent Wallpaper Drawing 16 Ideas

With all the environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle in recent years, it depends on a new lifestyle culture. A vertical garden is staged as a space-saving variant for Indoor and Outdoor areas. It is particularly suitable for City apartments. In modern, urban life, the aim is to create more green space, as these greatly improve air quality and create a recreational effect. Green walls improve the microclimate in the room and hardly occupy living space. They are more in need of care than a ground – level garden, but the result is worthwhile and this creates a new exciting connection between indoor and Outdoor.

Creating a vertical garden in your own house is possible in different ways. Narrow raised beds can be built from Europallets, hanging planters or mounted on shelves in stages such as strawberry pots or in the Form of large wall constructions made of concrete and steel. Manufacturers offer special frames with grids, so that after planting a real painting is created. Such an eye-catcher at eye level fascinates the viewer and ensures an unmistakable room atmosphere. In principle, any design is possible and is based on the experience of the gardener. Most often a water-storing substrate is used. Soil mixtures with compost or long-term fertilizers are also suitable. A vertical garden with a large area requires an irrigation system with hoses that automatically supplies the plants with water every few weeks.

Similar to a ground-level garden, the plant species vary depending on the location and must be selected accordingly. The light conditions and temperatures play an important role and change with altitude. A vertical garden in the interior may need to be lit with plant lamps, but the weeds are rather small. Suitable flowering plants are the flamingo flower, the single leaf (Spathtifyllum), the Guzmania and the pubic flower (traffic light plant). Most ferns are relatively easy to care for and durable. These include Nest Fern, rib Fern, sword fern (Nephrolepis Boston), etc.spices such as oregano, rosemary and wild thyme can create a wonderful vertical garden. Other green and climbing plants are also suitable for this purpose: tree friend (Philodendron erubescens), leaf begonia, Begonia Rex, colourful, leaf, Coleus, Calathea/ Kormarante, Kites, Purpurtute, three master’s flower, ivy, green Lily, smaller specimens of rubber tree, climbing Fig, Chinese evergreen, Croton Excellent, Marante, point flower, several varieties of succulents, asparagus fern, and in-room oat.

Planted facades or walls not only give the building a much more interesting character than the usual variants made of wood or plastic. A vertical garden is incorporated by modern architecture to bring more greenery to the city. It also provides visual and noise protection, filters the Air, provides the room with oxygen, increases humidity and cools down in summer. The concrete walls of the city buildings are given a completely new feeling of living. Instead of living in a concrete desert, you spend your free time in a natural habitat. More than 50 percent of the population lives in cities and the green spaces are becoming less and less. The vertical gardens are not limited to the outdoor area. Even non-garden owners can integrate systems for planting beds in the vertical on their balcony or in the interior.

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