Galvanized Vertical Strawberry Planter! 🍓🍓🍓// Garden Answer – YouTube

Galvanized Vertical Strawberry Planter! 🍓🍓🍓// Garden Answer – YouTube

Especially in cities or apartments that only have a terrace or balcony, the space for plants tends to be limited. But you still don’t want to do without green plants? You want an extraordinary version of barrel Greening to keep foreign views away from your sitting area?

Or do you want to enjoy a vivid picture? Be that as it may, a vertical garden can meet all these needs.

Good to know: Tropical botanist Patrick Blanc was the first to actively use facades to create a vibrant and green environment even on walls. Inspired by his expeditions into primeval forests, he transformed boring European house facades into blooming, lush, living walls.

With the help of vertical gardens, house walls in urban regions are used as an active habitat for various Wild and cultivated plants (“”Urban Gardening””). In principle, all plants planted on top of each other or on several floors are to be described as vertical gardens.

Their immense advantage consists in the minimum space requirement with optimal biodiversity.

Importance and advantages of vertical garden Indoor and Outdoor
The vertical garden creates a special sensation in cities because its positive effects are particularly evident there. It is a vertical construction, which is attached to a house wall or wall and closely equipped with various green plants. The tendentially “”Outdoor”” vertical gardens enchanted many city dwellers, whereupon resourceful botanists and hobby gardeners brought this garden form into their own four walls as an “”Indoor””variant.

Optical Enhancement
Different leaf colours and structures as well as flowers create visual Highlights. Boring gray walls awaken to flourishing life and can be used as a meaningful way of garden design.

Noise protection effect
The vertical garden serves as noise protection because it swallows sound waves. Due to its insulating effect, it also helps to save heating energy in the buildings behind it.

Improving the climate
Since the green plants absorb pollutants and partially convert them, the vertical garden also contributes to the improvement of the climate. Especially in urban cities with Little Green a welcome effect.

Habitat for insects and birds
Another ecological benefit is that insects and wild birds find a habitat in it. Birds and insects are increasingly deprived of their habitat and find hardly any food and nesting places in large cities. One more reason to do something about it.

Own Wellness Oasis
Last but not least, it serves to relieve stress. When the human eye looks into the Green, the brain releases messengers that calm down.

Where there is little space for greening, for example on the terrace or on the balcony, the vertical garden is also good, because it also takes on the task of visual protection there. Since its leaves also release moisture in the summer, an evaporative cold arises. Thus, the microclimate changes. So there are many reasons for creating a vertical garden. Perhaps you too will be inspired.

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