30+ Outstanding Vertical Garden To Green Your House | Vertical garden wall, Garden screening, Garden…

30+ Outstanding Vertical Garden To Green Your House | Vertical garden wall, Garden screening, Garden design 30+ Outstanding Vertical Garden To Green Your House | Vertical garden wall, Garden screening, Garden design

Design and construction of a vertical garden
In nature, so-called vertical gardens are often created on their own when wild plants settle in crevices and walls. Either the Wind or wild birds transfer seeds from grasses, ferns or groundcovers to the barren ground or even parts of fat-leaf plants, which grow after a downpour in the wall crevices.

If you want to green your own bare concrete wall or old garden wall, but can not easily bring soil vertically to the wall and plant on it. In the long term, the masonry would be destroyed. There are different approaches for construction and construction, which also differ in the form of the irrigation system.

Body variant 1: Original after Blanc
The classic vertical garden is built in several layers. The basic structure is made of steel. It is made like a grid. Most systems can be hung on the wall, some models can also be set up.
Over this grid you hang a net made of plastic. It serves as protection.

As a planting substrate would hardly find a foothold in this vertical garden, you can alternatively put on a rock wool mat or a layer of synthetic felt ( planting and watering fleece with large and smaller holes). Fix the plants with a small mesh wire mesh.

If your vertical garden is to be created indoors, protect the wall behind it with a coat of paint against penetrating moisture as a precaution.

Any watering water flows from top to bottom, whereby the plants draw themselves what they need. So the vertical plantings, which need more moisture, can also thrive alongside those that need less. Because the roots are not surrounded by soil that stores water, it is necessary to irrigate several times a day, which is why automatic Smart home irrigation systems are advised.

Vertically planted on natural stone wall
You create a similar natural variant by creating a natural stone wall, which you equip with the appropriate plants. Ideally, these already have furrows, notches and holes, into which either soil substrate or plant fleece is introduced.

Plant boxes and plant bags by Upcycling self-construction
You can also achieve a simple form of vertical garden by attaching plant boxes or plant bags to walls or wooden palisades. This can be done wonderfully in self-construction for the home. Can be realized with different elements for balcony, terrace or garden.

Make sure that Palisades and more powerful frames have the required load capacity. If you do not want to resort to planting systems from the trade, you implement your own projects according to the Motto “”DIY””.

Old Gutters
For this purpose, upcycle old gutters or kg pipes that are screwed to the facade in any order or arrangement. Fill with planting substrate and plant as desired.

Vertical garden made of bottles
Everybody probably has old plastic bottles or glass bottles (alternatively also tin cans). This can be cut in half, beautifully painted or otherwise designed and attached to the wall to plant them.

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